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(Like so many pieces of laundry, morning thoughts aren’t usually organized.)

August 27-31,  2019

Living with Parkinson’s

Phyllis & Sam Turner ©2019

ALOHA: Adult Loss of Hearing Association
APDA: American Parkinson Disease Association
BBC: Bisbee Breakfast Club
BSC: Bristol Stool Chart
CH: Cynthia Holmes, Ph.D. Neurology
CPAP: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure mask (for Sleep Apnea).
DBS: Deep Brain Stimulation (much improved since Michael J. Fox!)
HEH: Happily Ever After!
HOH: Hard of Hearing
HS: Harvey Stanbrough Pro-writer and mentor (
IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (often associated with PD)
MJFF: Michael J. Fox Foundation
PSG: Parkinson’s Support Group(s)
PD: Parkinson’s Disease
PMD: PARKINSON & Movement Disorder Alliance
P.J.: Phyllis – my wife: SWOMBO (She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed) A contributor and #1 editor.
PT: Personal trainer Tresha,  including daily in-home exercise assignments for PD
RWA: Romance Writers of America
TAODW: The Art of Dying Well-A practical Guide to a Good End of Life, by Katy Butler
TCF: The Compassionate Friends (For parents who have experienced the death of a child or sibling.)
WIP: Work in Progress (Hiker Man) or (32º North) Title undecided. Writing is my vacation!
YISKA: Navajo for Darkness has passed.  (Also the name of a Navajo Border Collie who barks in Navajo!)



Charlotte P
Much love, GrMa Char
Sam, I DO enjoy getting your “Maytag Moments” and read each entry thoroughly. Please don’t stop sending them to me. I cherish you both, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I like being a co-grandparent with both of you.

P.S.  I didn’t know there was any other washing machine but Maytag???? lol

SET: Apparently, there is.

Serene R.

Dear PJ and Sam,

Dear Margaret Ann loaned your latest book to me this week. {Jillian’s Journey} My earnest thanks are here.

I have to first give PJ the most sincere, highest proofing compliment…I could not have done better. I only disagreed with you in two minor instances. You know that anyone who has edited, proofread, or written text for publication never stops editing when reading, so you should be hearing my applause.

And, of course, my strong appreciation and respect go also to Sam, who has used subjects dear to his heart about which he has deeper knowledge and understanding than many other persons. Teaching is a great background for enriching writing. And having lived through tremulous circumstances, as the two of you have done and continue to do, steadies your soul and warms your readers’ (especially this reader’s) heart.

[Now that sentence is really a nightmare with its readers’ and reader’s yielding to just heart—when hearts would be more appropriate for persons!!] You are my friends and I will not rewrite, knowing you will understand what this no-longer-being published person has written.

Your page-turner volume that embraces philosophical and metaphysical elements is a charmer.

With hugs and very best wishes,


Many thanks, Serene. Compliments like yours fuel us with encouragement to continue this wild ride through our fantasies. Just like watercolor: Slosh it on and follow the color blobs.

A call from Judith H.
saying how much she is enjoying our first book {Listen} with its paranormal touch.

08.28.19: 0730:PJ went to Tresha alone (exercise) this morning. She got home with 15 minutes to spare before Jan picked her up for a trip to the DoubleTree for a few hours with her bridge group. 0700: Ed arrived. We spent four hours accomplishing our list of “to-do” items: fixing a cupboard door latch; replacing the ceiling light in the kitchen with an LED strip (turn it on, and it’s like daylight in there!); replacing the microwave light (requiring a trip to ACE for the bulb, and (while we’re there) buying a tube of industrial glue for the final item on the list: gluing some linoleum by a sliding door entranceway.   

1645: High, threatening clouds, continuous spiking lightning, and THUNDER – surprising us while we were at Culver’s for dinner – a deluge of pouring rain for thirty minutes. They must have received two inches.  We live about a mile away, and we received  only .5” in five minutes. That’s the way the monsoon works around Tucson. We were so tired from the activities today that we went to bed at 2030.

08.29.19: 0530: A cool 80º this morning. Got to messing around with email, etc. and didn’t shoot while it was cool.  1100: Shot for an hour in the Club. 2/3 in the yellow with the last six ends. Now, to do at least that Friday evening. Watch three samples of the news this evening. We wanted to see which channel lacked the urgency that David Muir has. Channel 13 CBS, is calmer. All three channels have subtitles (closed captions) which we need. CBS 13 and ABC 9 are the easiest to understand.  Something about the female voice in the treble range that makes it a little more difficult for us to hear.  Of course, PBS has the calmest and most relaxed to understand of them all. We watch that on Friday evenings.

PJ supervised me as I made tuna salad for dinner. She added a lot of spices in the mix, and we enjoyed the results while we watched the news.

Watched a couple episodes of Whose Line Is It? First taped in 2003! Went to bed at 2100.

08.30.19: 0415: Parkinson’s symptoms include shorter periods of sleep at night. This means that one becomes more fatigued during the day. I’ve tried to avoid taking daytime naps. I didn’t want it to become a habit. I do find that I’m at the computer earlier.

Our volunteer peach tree is producing this year.  Take a close look.  They are almost ready. It’s no wonder that they are called “September Peaches.” They might be ripe by Rabbit Day coming up.

Trimming our palm. IAN, NOTE: It clears the power line.

Megan’s two palms get trimmed.

Archery League
this evening.  I’m using LED knocked arrows to help me see where they hit. Look closely, and you can see the lights on the knocks. This would score 9+9+7=25 (as long as the arrow breaks the next smaller circle, it counts.  Tonight, I shot a score of 183/300.  The lights helped.

YISKA!! 08.31.19: 0900: We were to drive to the Hilton El Conquistador Hotel this morning to visit Howard and Betty Barber (from Californa.)  It’s six years since we’ve seen them. We’ll also get to see what improvements the Hilton has done since changing over from the Sheraton.  Turns out, we didn’t make it to the El Con.  Instead, we met partway, at Tohono Chul Garden Café as Howard’s guest for an extended lunch.

Right:  Sam, Phyllis, Betty, Howard, enjoying lunch in the Garden Café. We spent two hours catching up with our lives.

REMEMBER: Monday 09.01.19 is Rabbit Day!

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