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October 1 – 7,  2019

Living with Parkinson

Sam & Phyllis Turner ©2019


ALOHA: Adult Loss of Hearing Association
APDA: American Parkinson Disease Association
BSC: Bristol Stool Chart
CH: Cynthia Holmes, Ph.D. Neurology
CPAP: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure mask (for Sleep Apnea).
DBS: Deep Brain Stimulation (much improved since Michael J. Fox!)
HEH: Happily Ever After!
HOH: Hard of Hearing
HS: Harvey Stanbrough Pro-writer and mentor (
IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (often associated with PD)
LVST: Lee Silverman Voice Technique) has been an effective way to treat the symptoms of impaired voice and swallowing (a PD problem for some) …
MJFF: Michael J. Fox Foundation
NAMASTE: The Spirit within me honors the Spirit within you.
PSG: Parkinson’s Support Group(s)
PD: Parkinson’s Disease
PMD: PARKINSON & Movement Disorder Alliance
P.J.: Phyllis – my wife: SWOMBO (She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed) A contributor and #1 editor.
PT: Personal trainer Tresha,  including daily in-home exercise assignments for PD
RWA: Romance Writers of America
TAODW: The Art of Dying Well-A practical Guide to a Good End of Life, by Katy Butler
TCF: The Compassionate Friends (For parents who have experienced the death of a child or sibling.)
WIP: Work in Progress (Hiker Man) or (32º North) Title undecided. Writing is my vacation!
YISKA: Navajo for Darkness has passed.  (Also the name of a Navajo Border Collie who barks in Navajo!)

10.01.19: Happy Rabbit Day! You did remember to say it, didn’t you? No, it isn’t in the codes.  Once in a while, I explain how to have good luck for the rest of the month by:

  • (before you get out of bed) Sit up and yell, RABBIT!
  • Lift the covers and crawl out of the bottom of your bed!

I don’t know if this will work. He mentions Parkinson’s in their research.  Good info.

Click to Download


October 01, 2019: 1400: PD Lecture on DBS by Abbott supply.  Much progress in the last 20 years.  The use of an Apple remote can control tremors and some upper body problems from Parkinson’s. Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, St. Joseph, and University Banner can perform it.  Only TMC does not do it (yet).

AND – Drum roll – this is Margaret Ann’s 93rd birthday year/month. I agree with her- at our age, one day won’t cover it. If we want to designate a whole month, then so be it.

We did the same with our 49th and 50th wedding anniversary. We designated the whole two years. Instead of cruising in the Caribbean or along the west coast of Mexico (We did that on other anniversaries.), we took the Royal Caribbean to Alaska with fifteen family members. The events and years blend together after a while. All that blending makes for a final delicious feast of life, doesn’t it, Margaret Ann?

Last night, for our good-night reading, instead of bits from Reader’s Digest, Phyllis read Margaret Ann’s October’s INSPIRATIONS to me.

I disagree when she says she is “just a plain old woman.” There is nothing plain about a ninety-three-carat diamond!

10.02.19: Today, I had my stitches removed from Horus. (look it up).

From  Sara T. in Logrono, Spain! on her 500-mile walk/pilgrimage.

Good morning! Tough morning!  A man in our hostel passed away from a heart attack this morning. I had to give him CPR until the medics came. I am with his wife now and will stay with her until tomorrow when he’s cremated. Very emotional.

Keep Maytag coming, and I’ll read them during my quieter times.

Love you!!

Persevere, my dear. You were meant to be where you are today, you think? You know about survival after deaths. We send our love and prayers and hugs and holding hands and moments of quiet retrospect and laughter and love.


From Ana F.

We started communicating in 1991!

After I saw the notice in the paper about your mom’s passing.


Thank you.  Yes, I remember. My, My. You saved the letters.  And then came email. SET

10.03.19: 68º at 0630.  We walked 1910 steps at Udall Park  – about half the loop – in thirty minutes. That’s SWOMBO out in front and the majestic Catalina Mountains twenty miles to the north. This is the right temperature for early morning walks. We met Raul (!), who starts at 0600. He is a familiar figure from past Octobers.

1300: After ten days of soaking my foot, and not shooting, I went to the Archery club for an hour of practice with my coach.  My posture is fine. But my release is erratic. I’ll practice this evening and tomorrow morning in the yard. I’ll go over to the club  by 1400, and practice for an hour. The last day of League is Friday evening at 1830.

10.04.19: 0500: Dental Hygenist at 0700. I gave Dr. Moss Book #2 of the Blue series. (Jillian’s Journey) I dared him to read the first three pages and not continue on.  We’ll see. Came home tired and slept for two hours. We had dinner at Jerry Bob’s, where I ordered pork ribs once again, and PJ had chicken-cheese quesadillas. We have enough leftovers for Saturday and Sunday!

1800: We had our final League shoot this evening. I finished the evening with 195/300. Not great, I know, but I’m still improving and, (like writing), I’m having fun! Our next league starts sometime in November.  Yes, I signed up. My PC and my Neuro doctor approve of the archery exercise for my PD.

10.05.19:I have absolutely no idea what happened yesterday. I wrote on my WIP.

I know I slept for three hours.

1615: Julie drove us to the Boy Scouts dinner. Here’s PJ talking to Julie and Sabrina before they have their dessert.

1930: That evening, after we got home, PJ worked on her piece for Quail Run Writers. (Due on the 8th.) I have to tweak a couple of sentences and Simonize (I mean synchronize) my tenses. Simonize would probably help to smooth some passages out, I guess. It is kind of exciting when I wake up at 0300, and the characters are telling me what is happening. That may explain why I take naps in the afternoon. Do you think?

We received a photo from Bekah in Chicago where she and Elise were at a rock concert. (At least she isn’t working at the children’s clinic all the time.)

Her neighborhood and apartment. It explains why she doesn’t have a car.

Bekah can walk to this from her apartment.  Growing up in Tucson is quite a contrast, isn’t it Bekah? She stands in front of a sculpture called “The Egg.”

Sunday 10.06.19: Blessings of the Animals at St. Frances in the Foothills UMC.  Lest you think they only blessed a few animals, click on this link, below. Cats were there, too. The event was a controlled Zoo complete with music from the Raggedy Band playing in the background.

Not only that, but we had the Children’s Choir.

Whee!  This layout was quite a job.  Reminds me of my days laying out the Townsend Middle School Yearbook.

There is plenty to write about each day (between naps!) I’m amazed when someone says, “But I don’t have anything to write about.” It doesn’t have to be family. It could be just looking out your window or checking what’s in the microwave. Or your closet, maybe? Or this quail sitting on the hedge out my office window.  Lousy picture, I’ll admit, but I’m shooting through a plastic sun reflector coating on the outside of this window. Don’t worry about this picture. Write what you see (Sam). Make up a story in six minutes.

1740: He kept watch for his brood living in the hedge. He learned this from his father, rest his soul, who wasn’t as diligent and got caught by a Cooper’s hawk who pounced just once. That was all the hawk needed to do. Not wanting to be a target, this quail only watched for three minutes. Then, wisely, he dropped down to the shadow side of the hedge and called for the brood to move north into the garden where they could peck on rotting peaches from the Turner’s tree.1746. There. See?  Six minutes. What can you write in six minutes? Send me the results.  What will you get out of it?  Satisfaction.  You did it.  You proved you could do it.  We’ll put the first line of your story in Maytag Moments.This should be fun!

10.07.19: 0500:  Sorting files on the computer.0900: Ready for Monday’s class. One of the members wrote about artificial intelligence and how it might become a problem. She is using the Flash Fiction format of only fifty-five words. Six pieces from different Points of View. Drove two errands and managed not to take a nap.  We watched Dancing With The Stars.

10.08.19: 0600: Printed copies of the story for Quail Run Writers.  0900: We met at Flo’s and shared our stories. Sharon is in the White Mts.;Bev is somewhere east of New Mexico.

Sam: The Hogan – becomes Hiker-man – becomes Awakening – becomes  Thirty-Two Degrees North, (maybe).  I still may keep it as a short story. Flo, Pauletta, and PJ made some productive suggestions from changing a word here and moving a sentence there.  It’s smoother and more understandable. Eighteen pages in, and I still haven’t met the main character.

Phyllis: A memoir on walks and hikes she has taken throughout her life. She even brought a show-and-tell scotch bonnet sea shell for us to see (but don’t touch).

Pauletta: Taking it Easy Standing on the Corner (in Winslow, Arizona.) the song by Jackson Browne & Glenn Frey. (She grew up in Winslow.)

FLO: Fiction: Making DoDora Castle  5467 Drexel Road. A garden, a plaque, and a memorial that only the protagonist knows about.  [Strange: that is the same address as PJ’s family had back in Chicago!]

 1530: strong wind gusts.  I “lost” my DRAGON and have to reload it. That means thirty minutes of blank time. darn! We finished the evening by playing catch-up with THE VOICE recordings. I haven’t shot since October 4. My leg is bothering me again. I have a therapy appointment tomorrow at 1400 hrs.

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